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"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become."

Carl Gustav Jung

Adult and Adolescent

We offer individual therapy for adults and adolescents to cope with a variety of challenges. We are able to work with individuals who experience issues related to identity concerns, relationships and marital difficulties, mood-related concerns (such as depression or anxiety), victims of trauma, narcissistic abuse, life transitions, and adjustments.

Couples therapy

Couples may seek therapy to strengthen their bond throughout all stages of their relationship or to mend ruptures. We aim to repair broken bonds and improve relationships. Couples find common ground through a supportive, completely unbiased, and neutral place where they are safe to discuss their issues.

Consultation and supervision

For those who are pre-licensed (post-doctoral students) and for licensed psychologists who have specific questions or need additional consultation, we offer consultation and supervision services. Please note that our area of expertise is neuropsychology. Please inquire if you have any supervision or consultation needs.

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Dr. Varkiani is currently accepting new clients for child, adolescent, and adult psychological testing and for adolescent and adult psychotherapy.
Please reach out if you would like a consultation.